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Carolyn  We still have an issue…AZ Dept of RE requires that the brokerage name (Hereford Realty) be at the top of each page so that one does not have to scroll to see it and it must be constant…so please replace my personal info with Hereford Realty, the office number and address must be somewhere on the site also . My picture and such can be at the bottom. Also..nowhere do I see the MLS, REALTOR®, or Fair Housing logos… If you need those I can send them…must be on every page too. I do not see my ‘cow’ anywhere either..that is my business logo with the Mooooving ….beneath the image. And while the home in the marquee is quite nice, we have no homes in Hereford that even come close..I have area pictures, can we use those, since they depict our landscape here. Not too fond of the top picture(a home for every person…too big, too overpowering)  I sell in a very rural area and so what I am seeing with these pictures is very ‘suburban’.  When I went to my listings, email info is required to continue…please do not do this…I want potential buyers to freely browse. And I have virtual tours on most listings.  Do you need that provider info to include those?  And my next question…will I be able to go in and modify my listings at will?  I often change pictures and verbiage on my listings.  Whatever you need from me please let me know..the color scheme is nice and I like the ‘uncluttered’ appearance.  ThanksAs a premier real estate agent in Hereford, I’m here to provide you with all the resources and information you need to buy or sell real estate. I work with buyers and sellers in Hereford, Sierra Vista, Hucachuca City/Whetsone, Bisbee, Douglas and the surrounding areas and I’ve had extensive training in the latest real estate marketing strategies.  I’m confident that I can offer you knowledge and tools most other agents can’t.

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